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  • ISBN 13: 9781592701155
  • ISBN 10: 1592701159
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The Giant Seed

Created by Arthur Geisert

<p>In this follow up to the magnificently inventive <I>Ice</I>, Arthur Geisert once again charms us with his porcine world. This time his pigs must get creative when a volcano destroys their home. Fortunately they got busybefore trouble hit by planting a huge mysterious seed, for it's the seed plus imagination, as well as a good dose of can-do spirit, that save the day! Illustrated with inventive, sensitive, and unusually lovely etchings that seem to come from an old cherished album, <I>The Big Seed</I> is a worthy successor to Geisert’s <I>Ice</I>.</p><p>Award-winning children's book author <B>Arthur Geisert</B>'s pigs are legendary in the world of children's books. They carve ice sculptures, teach Roman numerals, create ingenious machines, and get up to all kinds of antics. Did Arthur grow up on a farm No. He grew up in Los Angeles and claims not to have seen a pig until he was an adult. Trained as a sculptor in college, Geisert learned to etch at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. He has published just about a book a year for the past thirty years and every one of his books has been illustrated with etchings. In 1996 (as well as once previous to that) he won <I>The New York Times</I> Best Illustrated Award. Geisert lives in Bernard, Iowa.</p><BR>

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