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By (author) Jane Higgins

<p>Praise for <i>The Bridge</i>:</P><p>""War propels a boy from the privileged side of town across the bridge to the enemy, where he learns the real causes of the war and about his own history . . . A suspenseful and entertaining debut.""—<i>Kirkus Reviews</i></P><p>""This grim first novel, set on a not-so-distant future Earth…packs a significant emotional wallop. . . . Higgins works hard to expose the religious and racial bigotry lurking behind so many military conflicts, and she is adept at showing that, frequently, neither side is without blame.""—<i>Publishers Weekly</i></P><p>""Compelling and deftly written.""—<i>The Horn Book </i></P><p>The highly anticipated follow up to <i>The Bridge</i>.</P><p>Southside and Northside are constantly at war. Then Cityside blows up the bridge. Amid the chaos and rubble Nik and Lanya are drawn into a complex web of power, fear and betrayal. Who is the girl found crying out from the bombed bridge What is her connection to the secret experiments taking place at Pitkerrin Marsh And why does she cry ""havoc"" Before Nik can find out he must find his father, and face the hardest decision of his life.</P><p>Thrilling, topical, and thought-provoking, <i>Havoc </i>builds further on the world of <i>The Bridge </i>and pulls you straight back into the life of Nik Stais who is as brilliant and brave as ever . . . and a little bit terrified.</P><p><b>Jane Higgins </b>lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. She is a social researcher at Lincoln University. She won the Text Prize for her first novel, <i>The Bridge</i>, published in the United States by Tundra in 2012.

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