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Vaseline Buddha

By (author) Jung Y Moon, By (author) Jung Young Moon, By (author) Young Moon Jung, Translated by Jung Yewon, Translated by Yewon Jung

<p>""If someone in the future asks in frustration, 'What has Korean literature been up to?' we can quietly hand them <I>Vaseline Buddha</I>."" — Pak Mingyu</P><p>A tragicomic odyssey told through free association scrubs the depths of the human psyche to achieve a higher level of consciousness equal to Zen meditation. The story opens when our sleepless narrator thwarts a would-be thief outside his moonlit window, then delves into his subconscious imagination to explore a variety of geographical and mental locations—real, unreal, surreal—to explore the very nature of reality.</p><p><B>Jung Young Moon</B>, 2005 alum of Iowa's International Writing Program, is one of South Korea's most award-winning, eccentric, and handsome authors, often compared to Kafka and Beckett.<BR>

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