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  • ISBN 13: 9781944020002
  • ISBN 10: 1944020004
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The Nocturnals

The Mysterious Abductions

By (author) Tracey Hecht, Illustrated by Kate Liebman

“The best stories always take place in the dark!"" — R.L. Stine

Animals are disappearing without a trace—and it’s up to Dawn, Tobin and Bismark to find out why. With the help of a gentle wombat, a jittery jerboa, a band of coyotes and some kooky bats, the brigade journeys to the depths of the earth where they find themselves in a wacky, high stakes game that will determine all of their survival!

In the first book of the critically acclaimed middle grade series The Nocturnals, we meet three unlikely friends—Dawn, a serious fox, Tobin, a sweet pangolin, and Bismark, the loud mouthed, pint sized sugar glider. Discover the friendships, teamwork, and humor, as the Nocturnal Brigade solves the unpredictable mysteries of the night.

 Bonus full color illustrations at the start of each chapter

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