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Code Name: Kalistrat

Secrets of the Rosenberg Spy Case

By Arno Baker

The latest revelations of the Rosenberg spy case are in this fast-paced thriller.

"An expertly informed treatment of the Rosenberg case, using fiction to fill in the shadowy places where our imagination wants to go."—Gary Kern, author of A Death in Washington and The Kravchenko Case

A thriller, largely based on fact, that tells the inside story of the Rosenberg spy network and the fate of the famous couple that was sentenced to die on the electric chair. The truth finally comes out with the memoirs of their Soviet handler who tells all (or . . . almost all) with the blessing of the KGB, now known as the SVR. But which story is Kalistrat telling? The true facts, or those manipulated to ensure that the Rosenbergs appear to be innocent? How the story unfolds and what the Russians were really seeking becomes a nonstop espionage novel set in the 1940s and '50s. Was Julius Rosenberg paying for the mistakes of others? Did the KGB really want him and Ethel to live? Were there last-minute top secret negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union that could have saved the Rosenbergs’ lives? These and other questions are asked and finally answered.

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