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Dirk Quigby's Guide to the Afterlife

All You Need to Know to Choose the Right Heaven Plus a Five-Star Rating System for Music, Food, Drink, and Accommodations

By E. E. King

Hell is too full, so Lucifer hires an ad man to write a Zagat's style guide to Heaven..

"Impish and delightful—a hilarious Zagat's Guide to Heaven!"—Ray Bradbury

"A fantastical, profound, hilarious and rollicking good ride through the heavens and hells of the afterlife! A wonderful book."—Margaret Cho

Hell's too full, so the Devil hires ad man Dirk Quigby to pen a travel guide enticing travelers to different afterlives: Hindu, Catholic, Protestant (that one's got a lot of subdivisions), Scientologist, and more. Instead of writing a boffo bestseller, Dirk unites all religions in a common goal: kill Dirk.

E.E. King grew up in one of those tolerant households that don't force religion down kids' throats. This is the result.

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