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  • ISBN 13: 9781609055288
  • ISBN 10: 1609055284
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Downward Dog with Diego

By Pamela Prichett

Mommy/Daddy-and-me yoga is featured in a kid-friendly demonstration of 10 animal-inspired poses.

Arch! Stretch! Crouch! A flexible, well-balanced menagerie teaches kids how to do basic, animal-inspired poses in this innovative, colorful introduction to yoga. An illustrated glossary of the Sanskrit names for the animal poses is included in a final spread.

A dozen yoga poses are conveyed by illustrations, which show a child doing the pose within each animal silhouette. This art uniquely captures the relationship between the animal pose and the child's version of the position:

Stretch like a cat, high off your mat.
Snuggle like a rabbit—make it a habit.
Rise like a cobra, now you're doing yoga!

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