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A Romance

By Francis Levy

A unique and savage modern love story, Erotomania re-shapes the romance wheel.

"[A] hilariously satirical debut novel. Miller, Lawrence, and Genet stop by like proud ancestors... But it's a more recent generation of mischievous deviant writers (Nicholson Baker, Mary Gaitskill) that truly looms large — Erotomania's closest predecessor might be Baker's The Fermata. [An] ambitious book... [A] biting satire." —Zach Baron, Village Voice

"Sex is familiar, but it's perennial, and Levy makes it fresh." —Richard Rayner, Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Levy seems to have an eye for detail for all that is absurd, commonly human, and uniquely American." —Beth Harrington, Bookslut

"It's a great book, written with flawless verve by a tremendous fictioneer and thinker, and it deserves glory. A classic." —Andre Codrescu, Exquisite Corpse

"[Erotomania] can just as easily be a bookend to the beautifully nuanced prose of Milan Kundera as it can be a long-version story for a nudie mag minus the accompanying photographs. It's all in the context — as it is with most relationships." —Quarterly Conversation

"Erotomania wields a comedic punch that makes it, above all, a fun novel to read." —

Erotomania is an absurdist portrait of a modern-day romance. It follows James and Monica from their early days as couple that is forced to move into a nuclear fall-out bunker so their explosive sex life doesn’t physically harm their neighbors, down the long journey to marriage counseling.

Francis Levy’s short stories, criticism, humor, and poetry have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Republic, The Village Voice, and The Quarterly.

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