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Letters to Kurt

By (author) Eric Erlandson

""Nearly two decades after the death of Kurt Cobain, a friend and fellow musician not only continues to mourn his suicide, but also rages against the culture that he holds responsible. These 52 'letters' . . . combine the subject matter of the Byrds' 'So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star' with the fury of Allen Ginsberg's <I>Howl</I> . . . A catharsis for the writer and perhaps for the reader as well.""<BR>--<B><I>Kirkus Reviews</I></B><BR><BR>""A touching and enlightening collection of prose poems addressed to [Erlandson's] departed friend.""<BR>--<B><I>The San Francisco Bay Guardian</B></I><BR><BR>""Erlandson finally comes to terms with his loss in 52 prose-poem letters ostensibly addressed to Cobain in which he straightforwardly confronts his inner demons while offering personal reflections on food, drug abuse, death, and self-sabotage.""--<B><I>Booklist</B></I><BR><BR>""The reverberations of Kurt's suicide last to this day, and have touched the lives of many. Dozens of people could have written their own version of this bracingly candid book; Eric Erlandson has written one, filled with rage and love, landmined with detail, that can stand for them all.""<BR>--<B>Michael Azerrad</B>, author of <I>Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana</I><BR><BR>""Eric was the spirit-boy in the Nirvana/Hole dynamic. Quiet, bemused, intelligent, and curiously intuitive to the power of hugging the devil, to say we will all be okay . . . Eric expresses how enchanting Kurt was, how the whole scene was, with his thoughtful, radical adult/prose love. Bring on the future, darling.""--<B>Thurston Moore</B>, musician<BR><BR>""Eric. He was always there: supportive, observing, in the thick of it. Hidden in plain sight . . . Without him, I can't imagine Seattle or L.A. or a dozen other places. This book is beautiful, brutal, brief. Happy-sad eloquence. Boy Scouts playing with the complimentary cologne in the heart of the ghost town. Listen to the man. He knows.""<BR>--<B>Everett True</B>, author of <I>Nirvana: The Biography</I><BR><BR><I>Letters to Kurt</I> is an anguished, angry, and tender meditation on the octane and ether of rock and roll and its many moons: sex, drugs, suicide, fame, and rage. It's part <I>Dream Songs,</I> part Bukowski, Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg, and the Clash. Rants, reflections, and gunshot fill these fifty-two prose poems. They are raw, funny, sad, and searching. This will make a beautiful book for anyone who loved Nirvana and Hole and the time and place when their music changed everything. Ultimately, it's an elegy for Kurt and the ""suicide idols"" who tragically fail to find salvation in their amazing music.<BR>

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