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Mark #28

Another Architecture: Issue 28: Oct/Nov 2010

By Robert Thiemann

Mark is an international trade magazine dedicated to architecture.

Swiss duo criticize comfort in Zurich, Shanghai mayor has a penchant for architecture, Acme extends Norfolk cottage, futuristic houses in California, radical architecture by Chenchow Little, carbon-based lifestyle in American suburbs, value behind Chinese apartments, Tokyo's Suppose Design, and a letter from Wellington.

Mark: Another Architecture is a bi-monthly international trade journal featuring exceptional architecture projects. Launched seven years ago by the makers of Frame, Mark takes a radical and international approach to architecture, showcasing the best new work from every corner of the world.

Viewing the magazine as a visual medium, Mark attempts to avoid jargon and academicism, opting instead for direct communication. Ever curious, Mark wants to uncover architects' motivations and use them to inspire. We dare you to try and find an international architecture journal that fills more of its pages with interviews than Mark.

Mark shines its spotlight on starchitects and new talent alike. Mark explores the boundaries of architecture and anticipates what's heating up around the next corner. Mark takes a radical and international approach to architecture, showcasing the best work from every corner of the world.

What readers will find in each issue of Mark:

Notice Board: Pinned to Mark's Notice Board are eye-grabbing images and memos sighted on architects' drawing boards worldwide.

Cross Section: Cutting-edge articles whisk readers to the outer reaches of architecture and beyond.

Perspective: A theme section discussing the state of architecture in a specific city, region, or country.

Long Section: Here the reader finds articles on new buildings, portraits of architecture practices, and reports on fascinating phenomena, from cosmic architecture to treetop living.

Tools: Concluding the magazine are reports from manufacturers and information about new building products.

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