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  • Pub Date: 12/06/2011
  • Season:
  • Pages: 128
  • Trim: 6.40 x 8.60 Inches
  • Publisher: Fence Books
  • Imprint: Fence Books
  • ISBN 13: 9781934200476
  • ISBN 10: 1934200476
  • Price: $16.95 / $18.50 CAN
  • Status: Active


By (author) Ariana Reines

<p>“This astonishing young poet—still in her twenties—is surely destined to be one of the crucial voices of her generation.”—Michael Silverblatt, <I>Bookworm</I></p><p>Composed in the direct, accessible, consciousness-piercing style readers of Ariana Reines’ first two books are wildly enamored of, <I>Mercury</I> comprises a group of long poems. These interlocking works speak to the substance and essence of what is said, transmitted, transacted, “communicated” between persons. Reines proposes that substance and essence are opposites, and explores this in contexts including commercial cinema and internet porn.</p><p><I>Your music makes me feel lonely<BR>Your music makes me feel lonely<BR>Your music<BR>Makes me feel lonely<BR>Picking a lemon<BR>Late at night<BR>My heart tightens<BR>I fear nature<BR>Your music makes me feel lonely<BR>I must be responsible for it<BR>I’m alive<BR>I have this hair helmet on<BR>I’m so alive<BR>I say yes to the megaplex<BR>You say it’s awful isn’t it awful<BR>I say yeah<BR>So what. Something sentimental<BR>This place<BR>I agree<BR>Huge<BR>We’re gonna go into the movie<BR>. . .<br>The day is long enough<BR>The day is long enough<BR>The day is so long enough<BR><BR>To contain all this and more</I></p><BR>

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