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By (author) Chelsea Martin

""Chelsea Martin continues to prove herself the preeminent chronicler of Internet age malaise and I fucking love it. <I>Mickey</I> takes her provocative poetry long form, weaving the tangled tale of a breakup that shouldn't be as confusing as it is. This has replaced <I>Anne of Green Gables</I> as my cozy times reading. Who the fuck knows what that says about me, but it says a LOT about the power of Chelsea's writing.""<BR>—Lena Dunham<br><BR>After breaking up with her boyfriend Mickey, a young woman struggles to situate her life and her art, and reach her estranged mother. Told in a series of vignettes, <I>Mickey</I> is one young woman’s journey to figuring out life (or not) amidst drunken mistakes, reality TV marathons, bathroom sex, and the daydreamed titles of imaginary art installations.<br><BR>""If you enjoy futility, sarcasm, aggravation and art, then you will most likely enjoy this book as an excellent distraction from your own self-conscious and self-sabotaging brain.""<BR>—<I>Chicago Tribune</I><BR><BR>""Chelsea Martin's <I>Mickey</I> is beyond superlatives but I'll use them anyway: intelligent, hysterical, elusive, an exquisite original. If you enjoy thinking, laughing, and self-loathing, read this book.""<br>—Chloe Caldwell, author of <I>Women</I> and <I>I'll Tell You in Person</I><BR><BR>“There is no other writer who makes me laugh out loud more than Chelsea Martin. Both hysterical and heart-wrenching, <I>Mickey</I> is a well-rounded, hyper-realistic portrait of heartbreak in the age of the Internet.”<BR>—Mira Gonzalez, author of <I>I will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together</I><BR><BR>""[<I>Mickey</I> is] funny, tragic, relatable, fantastic, dark but also, in its own unique way, weirdly hopeful. It is a reflection of its time, where social media boils emotional output down to the bare nerve and can fray our ‘IRL’ connection with our fellow humans […] Chelsea Martin is the kind of author that has her finger on the pulse of this style of writing.""<BR>—<I>Electric Literature</I><BR><BR><B>Chelsea Martin</B> is the author of four books, including her small press bestseller, <I>Even Though I Don’t Miss You</I>.<BR>

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