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Mirror Mirror 1

Edited by Blaise Larmee

2dcloud’s flagship anthology starts by exploring the work from leading figures in the burgeoning visual poetry movement within comics.

""Pure images isn’t even the right term for it — presented without comment or context, one size fits all, a [printed] haze rendering craft more or less moot as a reference point, you’re looking at the idea of images more than images themselves. That’s telling. It’s also telling that this project of re-presenting other people’s image-ideas is perhaps the strongest work I’ve seen from [Blaise Larmee] so far."" — Sean T. Collins

""I loved this collection. Spare pieces about identity and interiority. It reads like an auditory experience.""
— Sam Alden, author of It Never Happened Again and New Construction

Mirror Mirror, 2dcloud's flagship anthology, starts by showcasing the work from leading figures within comics' burgeoning visual poetry movement. In presenting a beautiful, pared-down, and intimate look at drawings made by young people, the reader is able to glimpse and guess at their vulnerabilities, their dreams, fears, and aspirations. Each volume will feature a guest editor, with this inaugural edition being helmed by cartoonist, critic, publisher, and larger than life Tumblr personality Blaise Larmee.

Blaise Larmee (b. 1985) is an American cartoonist, critic, publisher, and artist, best known for his 2010 graphic novel Young Lions, his webcomic 2001, and his larger than life tumblr presence. His 2014 comic Comets Comets was included in the Jonathan Lethem edited Best American Comics 2015.

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