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Rising, Falling, Hovering

By (author) C.D. Wright

<p>International Winner of the Griffin Poetry Prize 2009</p><p>""C.D. Wright's thirteenth collection, <I>Rising, Falling, Hovering,</I> reminds us what poetry is for. This is poetry as white phosphorus, written with merciless love and depthless anger."" —from the Griffin Prize judges' citation</p><p>""Wright is a resolutely experimental poet, funny and intemperate, and the poems in her latest volume manage an unusual alchemy—they have a raw, unfinished quality that never feels provisional."" —<I>The New Yorker</I></p><p>""Wright belongs to a school of exactly one.""<BR> —<I>New York Times Book Review</I></p><p>""These poems succeed at storytelling and at painting realistic scenes. Wright emerges a modern woman coping with relationships in a world full of violence and wars. Recommended for larger public libraries and all academic collections.""<BR> —<I>Library Journal</I></p><p>“Wright braids some of her most personal and intimate poetry to date with an extended meditation on the consequences of America’s contemporary stance toward other countries.”—<I>Publishers Weekly</I>, starred review</p><p>“C.D. Wright has an uncanny and characteristic reverence for both the vernacular and the esoteric, which leads to riveting and rare depictions of American culture. . . . It’s been a while since I read an entire book of poetry in rapture. After finishing <I>Rising, Falling, Hovering</I>, I was reminded of why I love the medium, what it can do.”—<I>The Stranger</I> (Seattle)</p><p>Deeply personal and politically ferocious, <I>Rising, Falling, Hovering</I> addresses the commonly felt crises of our times—from illegal immigration and the specific consequences of empire-building to the challenges of parenting and the honesty required of human relationships.</p><p><I>About the other night I know you are sorry I am sorry too We were tired Me</I><BR><I>and my open-shut-case mouth You and your clockwork disciplines And I know it is</I><BR><I>too far to go But we can’t leave it to the forces to rub out the color of the world</I></p><p><B>C.D. Wright</B> is the author of a dozen collections of poetry and prose. A recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, Wright is a professor of English at Brown University and lives outside Providence, Rhode Island.</p>

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