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By (author) C.D. Wright

<p>""Through more than a dozen collections, C.D. Wright pushed the bounds of imagination as she explored desire, loss and physical sensation. Her posthumously published book, <I>ShallCross</I> features seven poem sequences that show her tremendous range in style and approach. As she considers, among other topics, some dark intuitions about human nature, she also nudges readers to question who is telling the story and where one’s thought can lead.""—<I>The Washington Post</I><p>""Wright gets better with each book, expanding the reach of her art; it seems it could take in anything.""—<I>Publishers Weekly</I></p><p>""Wright belongs to a school of exactly one.""—<I>New York Times Book Review</I></p><p>""C.D. Wright is entirely her own poet, a true original.""—<I>The Gettysburg Review</I></p><p>In a turbulent world, C.D. Wright evokes a rebellious and dissonant ethos with characteristic genre-bending and expanding long-form poems. Accessing journalistic writing alongside filmic narratives, Wright ranges across seven poetic sequences, including a collaborative suite responding to photographic documentation of murder sites in New Orleans. <I>ShallCross </I>shows plain as day that C.D. Wright is our most thrilling and innovative poet.</p><p><B>From ""Obscurity and Elegance"":</B></p><p><I>Whether or not the park was safe<br>she was going in. A study concluded, for a park<br>to be successful there had to be women.<br>The man next to the monument must have broken<br>away from her. Perhaps years<BR>before. That the bond had been carnal is obvious.<br>He said he was just out clearing his head…</I></p><p><B>C.D. Wright </B>(1949-2016) taught at Brown University for decades and published over a dozen works of poetry and prose, including <I>One With Others,</I> which won the National Book Critics Circle Award and was nominated for a National Book Award; <I>One Big Self: An Investigation;</I> and <I>Rising Falling Hovering</I>. Among her many honors are the Griffin International Poetry Prize and a MacArthur Fellowship.</p><BR>

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