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The Trembling Answers

By (author) Craig Morgan Teicher

<p>At once an extension of and a departure from his previous explorations of family and art, Craig Morgan Teicher’s <I>The Trembling Answers</I> delves boldly into the tangled realms of fatherhood, marriage, and poetry. Dealing with the day-to-day of family life—including the alert anxiety and remarkable beauty of caring for a child with severe cerebral palsy—these personal narratives brightly illuminate the relationship that exists between poetry and a life fiercely lived.</p><p><B>Video Baby Monitor</B></p><p><I>A watched<BR>pot never boils, so perhaps</I></p><p><I>a son on a screen never<BR>dies. Like the eyes</I></p><p><I>of a painting this image<BR>follows wherever we move.</I></p><p><I>Surveillance is love, love<BR>is every moment the last.</I></p><p><I>Barely moving picture, memory<BR>of now, sleep, be still, be</I></p><p><I>safe. Night is long, life short.<BR>I cover you with my eyes.</I></p><p><B>Craig Morgan Teicher:</B> is the author of four books of poetry and fiction and the editor of <I>Once and For All: The Best of Delmore Schwartz</I> (2016). A prolific critic and reviewer of poetry, he has worked at <I>Publishers Weekly</I> for 10 years, where he is currently Director of Digital Operations. He teaches at New York University and Princeton University.</p><BR>

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