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They and We Will Get into Trouble for This

By (author) Anna Moschovakis

<p>Anna Moschovakis measures words, crosses languages, and invents forms. In a mode of inquiry, friction, and barbed naiveté, these four long poems trouble notions of history, self-knowledge, and intimacy, insisting that ""how to be"" is a question we can never tire of confronting. </p><p><B>From ""Paradise (film two)""</B>:</P><p><I>/ Being raised in science / under the sign of logic / I never understood how certain / promises / could be made / I could say ""I promise / that unless something unexpected happens / I will do the dishes every night / this week"" / I was very literal / especially with my lovers / I could say ""I love you today"" / but not ""I will love you tomorrow"" /</I>

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