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Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls

By Alissa Nutting

"[Alissa] Nutting's outrageous writing makes my face split with laughter....She's glorious chaos and utterly original." --Lydia Millet

"Nutting's outrageous writing makes my face split with laughter. . . . She's glorious chaos and utterly original."—Lydia Millet

"A dark catalog of behavior for her characters and the result is a kind of human bestiary, if humans were programmed to go down in flames, to run themselves aground, to seek ruin on every occasion. . . . (They) illuminate how people hide behind their pursuits, concealing what matters most to them while striving, and usually failing, to be loved."—Ben Marcus

Alissa Nutting's collection is reminiscent of George Saunders' or Aimee Bender's earlier work where nothing is held back and anything goes.

Alissa Nutting is fiction editor of the literary journal Witness and managing editor of Fairy Tale Review.

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