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What is Obscenity?

The Story of a Good For Nothing Artist and her Pussy

By (author) Rokudenashiko, Edited and translated by Anne Ishii, Other Chip Kidd, Edited by Graham Kolbeins

A graphic memoir of a good-for-nothing Japanese artist who has been jailed twice for so-called acts of obscenity and the distribution of pornographic materials yet continues to champion the art of pussy. In a society where one can be censored, pixelated, and punished, Rokudenashiko asks what makes pussy so problematic?

Rokudenashiko (""good-for-nothing girl"") is a Japanese artist. She is known for her series of decorated vulva moulds, or ""Decoman,"" a portmanteau of decorated and manko, slang for vagina. Distributing a 3D scan of her genitalia to crowdfunding supporters led to her arrest for alleged violation of Japanese obscenity laws.

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