Human Tissue

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Pub Date: 05/31/2016

Pages: 160

Publisher: Talonbooks

Imprint: Talonbooks

ISBN 13: 9780889229815

ISBN 10: 0889229813

Price: $18.95 / $24.99 CAN

Category: POETRY / Canadian

Human Tissue

By Weyman Chan

Price: $18.95



About the Book

These poems try to get along with each other – but can’t. The series of poems titled “Parables for Frankenstein”, traces the socialization and making of a prototype misfit. “Panic Room”, is a series of poems about a loner whose isolation at a house party starts taking a sinister turn. “Unboxing the Clone” deals precisely with the simultaneous interpenetration of terms that bombard the conscious moment to reshape the life that’s being lived out – a kind of proprioceptive kaleidoscope. Alienation arises from all the failed language-registers of our technocratic society, which continue to defy our powers of decryption. What’s a monster to do?

A recurring motif throughout the book is the overarching empty universal space surrounding life’s not-knowing. If we think too hard on it – why the statistical fluke that puts us here on this ball of dirt – we’ll have a stroke. Instead, read these poems.

About the Book

Many poems deal with familial experiences, of coming to terms with the hybrid history of ethnic “outsider.”


Weyman Chan was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1963, to immigrant parents from China. He has published poems and short stories in a wide variety of literary journals and anthologies. He won the 2002 National Magazine Awards silver prize for his poem “At work, and the 2003 Alberta Book Award for his first book of poetry, Before a Blue Sky Moon. His second book, Noise From the Laundry (Talonbooks), was nominated for the 2008 Governor General’s Award for Poetry.