The Day It Snowed Tortillas / El día que nevó tortilla

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Pub Date: 10/01/2003

Pages: 160

Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press

Imprint: Cinco Puntos Press

ISBN 13: 9780938317760

ISBN 10: 0938317768

Price: / $16.99 CAN$12.95

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Fairy Tales & Folklore / Country & Ethnic

The Day It Snowed Tortillas / El día que nevó tortilla

By Joe Hayes, Antonio Castro L.

Price: $12.95



About the Book

Kids of all ages are always asking Joe Hayes, "How can it snow tortillas?" Well, now they’ll know where to find the answer—at long last, Joe’s signature book The Day It Snowed Tortillas is appearing in this new bilingual edition. Bloomsbury Review listed the original English-only edition as one of their fifteen all-time favorite children’s books. Our bilingual edition has all the original stories as they have evolved in the last twenty years of Joe’s storytelling. It also has new illustrations by award-winning artist Antonio Castro. Storytellers have been telling these stories in the villages of New Mexico since the Spanish first came to the New World over four hundred years ago, but Joe always adds his own nuances for modern audiences. The tales are full of magic and fun. In the title story, for instance, a very clever woman saves her silly husband from a band of robbers. She makes the old man believe it snowed tortillas during the night! In another story, a young boy gladly gives up all of his wages for good advice. His parents think he is a fool, but the good advice leads to wealth and a royal marriage. The enchantment continues in story after story—a clever thief tricks a king for his kingdom and a prince finds his beloved in a house full of wicked step-sisters. And of course, we listen again to the ancient tale of the weeping woman, La Llorona, who still searches for her drowned children along the riverbanks.

El Bloomsbury Review nombró la edición original de este libro entre sus 15 libros favoritos de todos los tiempos. Cuentistas han contado estas historias en los pueblos de Nuevo Mexico desde que los españoles vinieron al Nuevo Mundo, hace más de cuatrocientos años, pero Joe siempre añade sus propias matices para audiencias modernas. Los cuentos están llenos de magia y diversión. En la historia titular, por ejemplo, una mujer muy astuta salva a su esposo de un grupo de ladrones. Hace que el viejito crea que nevó tortillas durante la noche! En otra historia, un joven da todo su sueldo, con gusto, por buen consejo. Sus padres creen que es una locura, pero el buen consejo lo lleva a riquezas y un matrimonio real. El encantamiento continua de historia en historia—un ladrón inteligente estafa a un rey por su reino, y un príncipe encuentra su amada en una casa llena de hermanastras malvadas. Y claro, escuchamos el viejo cuento de La Llorona, quien todavía busca por la orilla de ríos para encontrar a sus hijos ahogados.

Joe Hayes is one of America’s premier storytellers. He is especially recognized for his bilingual telling of stories from the Hispanic culture of northern New Mexico. Joe lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and travels extensively throughout the United States, visiting schools and storytelling festivals.

Joe Hayes es un cuentista preeminente en los Estados Unidos. Es especialmente reconocido por sus relatos bilingües de historias de la cultura Hispana del norte de Nuevo Mexico. Joe vive en Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico, y viaja extensamente, visitando escuelas y festivales de cuentistas.

About the Book

A Joe Hayes' classic, revealing the wit and wisdom of Hispanic New Mexico folklore.


Joe Hayes is the author of over twenty books for children and young adults. His writing style is storytelling-tested and has its roots in the oral traditions of the American Southwest. Each summer, he delights children and adults alike with his summertime storytelling performances at Santa Fe’s Wheelwright Museum. The rest of the year finds him speaking to thousands of readers around the United States at schools, libraries, and conferences. His book Ghost Fever/Mal de Fantasma won the Texas Bluebonnet Award in 2007. Dance, Nana, Dance / Baila, Nana, Baila, his collection of folktales from Cuba, won the Aesop Prize in 2009. The New Mexico Library Association named Joe the Centennial Storyteller in 2010, a storyteller so good he only comes around once every 100 years!
Antonio Castro Lopez (L.) was born in Zacatecas, Mexico and has lived in the Juarez-El Paso area for most of his life. He has illustrated dozens of childrens’ books including Barry, the Bravest Saint Bernard (Random House), Pajaro Verde, The Treasure on Gold Street, The Day It Snowed Tortillas and The Gum-Chewing Rattler (Cinco Puntos Press). In 2005, the government of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, commissioned Antonio to paint a mural for the government palace. The mural commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Tomochic. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Texas, Mexico City, Spain and Italy.

Antonio Castro L., born in Zacatecas, Mexico, has lived in the Juarez-­‐‑El Paso area for
most of his life. The illustrator of dozens of children’s books, this is his fourth
collaboration with Joe.