At the Dog Park with Sam and Lucy

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Pub Date: 10/01/2006

Pages: 24

Trim: 9 x 10

Publisher: The Gryphon Press

Imprint: The Gryphon Press

ISBN 13: 9780940719002

ISBN 10: 0940719002

Price: $15.95 / $19.50 CAN

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Dogs

At the Dog Park with Sam and Lucy

By Daisy Bix, Amelia Hansen

Price: $15.95



About the Book

There are dog parks in all but three states, and an increasing number of the nation’s 65 million dog owners are discovering their various pleasures.

In this first-ever children’s book about dog parks, dogs Sam and Lucy eagerly take part in a dog fiesta of movement and fun, running off-leash, free to cavort, to meet and greet, to leap and chase.

The final page has information for those adults who haven’t yet been to one about what to expect at a dog park and how to create a new one.

About the Book

The story of two dogs' joyful excursion to a dog park.


Daisy Bix grew up in New York city, works as an editor, and is writing children's picture books for the Sit! Stay! Read! series of The Gryphon Press. Joe Hyatt's portraits of dogs are in collections around the country. He and his wife have rescued dogs for the past serveral years.