Friends in Fur Coats

Friends in Fur Coats

by Claire Buchwald and Sarah Buchlaw

Illustrated by Rebecca Evans

Published by: The Gryphon Press

24 pages, 9.50 x 9.75 in

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9780940719293
  • Published: April 2016


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Surrounded by his cat and furry toy animals, Noah wonders aloud, "Why do you get to have fur coats, but I don't?" In his dream that night, Noah learns how vital each animal's fur coat is to its survival and happiness. Each fur-bearing animal is shown in its appropriate habitat.

Through light-hearted, engaging, and informative interactions, Friends in Fur Coats tackles the difficult topic of why using animal fur is inherently inhumane. Children learn in vivid detail what makes each animal’s fur unique, as well as other facts special to each animal.

The vibrant illustrations and language illuminate and stress the beauty and vitality of real fur-bearing animals while making a connection to children’s beloved plush toys as stand-ins for animals that need their protection and care.

Claire Buchwald is the author of four children's picture books, including the Gryphon titles Max Talks to Me and Are You Ready for Me.

Sarah Buchlaw is making her debut as an author.

Rebecca Evans has illustrated nine previous children's books, including Someday I'll Fly.