Rufo liberado

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Pub Date: 04/12/2016

Pages: 24

Trim: 9 x 10

Publisher: The Gryphon Press

Imprint: The Gryphon Press

ISBN 13: 9780940719347

ISBN 10: 0940719347

Price: $8.95 / $11.99 CAN

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Dogs

Rufo liberado

By Daisy Bix, Joe Hyatt

Price: $8.95



About the Book

"Attractive, realistic paintings invite readers to look into Buddy's eyes and experience his emotions."—School Library Journal

This Spanish-language edition of our popular title Buddy Unchained brings Buddy's experience to a new audience. Buddy, happy in a new and loving home, tells the story of his former life of neglect and abuse, and his rescue by a family that cares about him.

Winner of the 2007 Best Children's Picture Book of the Year Humane Society of the United States' KIND Award and ASPCA Henry Bergh Award. Buddy Unchained has not only won awards but has been recommended by teachers, librarians, and humane societies across the country.

About the Book

A moving tale of a dog rescued from neglect and abuse to a new home with a loving family.


Daisy Bix grew up in New York city, works as an editor, and is writing children's picture books for the Sit! Stay! Read! series of The Gryphon Press. Joe Hyatt's portraits of dogs are in collections around the country. He and his wife have rescued dogs for the past serveral years.