A Home for Dakota

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Pub Date: 09/06/2016

Pages: 24

Trim: 9 x 10

Publisher: The Gryphon Press

Imprint: The Gryphon Press

ISBN 13: 9780940719361

ISBN 10: 0940719363

Price: $8.95 / $11.99 CAN

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Dogs

A Home for Dakota

By Jan Zita Grover, Nancy Lane

Price: $8.95

About the Book

Winner of the Humane Society of the United States Youth KIND Award, best children's picture book of the year, 2009

"From the touching cover illustration to the playful depictions of Dakota on the endpapers, this empathetic tale of a puppy-mill dog will resonate with animal lovers."— School Library Journal

After rescue, Dog No. 241 finds herself in a warm, secure foster home, with a woman named Emma who names her Dakota. Eventually, a young girl, Sweetie, who is recovering from a misfortune as deep as Dakota's own, adopts Dakota and they become partners in recovery.

About the Book

A compelling and age-appropriate tale of a sweet dog’s rescue from a puppy mill to life as a cherished companion.


Jan Zita Grover has worked in canine rescue since 1973, especially with discarded puppymill breed dogs. One of these dogs, Pixie, is the model for artist Nancy Lane's illustrations of Dakota. Jan is also the author of North Enough: AIDS and Other Clear-cuts (1997) and Northern Waters (1999), both published by Graywolf Press Nancy Lane has been a freelance illustrator for the last 20 years. Picture books include:Buster, Where Are You? (1998), Rico's Hawk (1999) Beyond Turkey (2005),The Everyday Witch (Series), 2002-2006, and others. Clients have included: Highlights Magazine, Scholastic, Inc., Barron's, Harcourt School Publishers, and Scott Foresman, among many others.