Under the Sea

Under the Sea

by Mark Leidner

Published by: Tyrant Books

Imprint: Tyrant Books

256 Pages, 5.13 x 8.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9780991360888
  • Published: July 2018


Under the Sea is Mark Leidner's debut story collection published by Tyrant Books in 2018 and named a best book of the year by Buzzfeed, Spinoff, and The New Statesman.

In the gripping opener "Bad-Asses," a naive drug dealer's stash is stolen, leading her to unleash her inner bad-ass as she tries to recover it. In the bizarre and hilarious "21 Extremely Bad Breakups," each breakup is more absurd than the last: lovers get side-swiped by speeding busses, play paper-rock-scissors with each others lives, cause an asteroid to destroy the planet, and more. In "Under the Sea," a woman with one day to live has an affair with a loser she picks up at a video game arcade. In the unbelievably epic "Avern-Y6," a despondent insect gets shitfaced at the brink of a colony-wide civil war, only to learn he has an role to play in history after all. A social outcast going off on some teens in a bougie café, a depressed man in a physical fight with an interdimensional void, a middle-school student waxing memoiristic about heartbreak, a self-defeating academic sending a career-ending email - indelible characters are the heart of every story's wild ride in Under the Sea.

Mark Leidner is a Georgia-born writer of books and films. He resides in Atlanta and is @markleidner on Twitter and Instagram.