Aard-vark to Axolotl

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Pub Date: 05/08/2018

Pages: 107

Publisher: Etruscan Press

Imprint: Etruscan Press

ISBN 13: 9780997745566

ISBN 10: 0997745568

Price: $15.00

Category: POETRY / American / General

Aard-vark to Axolotl

By Karen Donovan

Price: $15.00



About the Book

Aard-vark to Axolotl, an eclectic series of tiny essays, is a collection of prose poems disguised as imaginary definitions, and a collaboration of text + image based on a set of illustrations from an old dictionary. Sometimes sneaky mysterious, sometimes downright weird, these small stories work on the reader like alternative definitions for items drawn from a cabinet of curiosities.

About the Book

A unique compendium of tiny stories, essays, fables, scenarios, and allegories suggested by vintage images drawn from an old dictionary.


Karen Donovan is the author of two collections of poetry, Fugitive Red (University of Massachusetts Press), which won the Juniper Prize, and Your Enzymes Are Calling the Ancients (Persea Books), which won the Lexi Rudnitsky/Editor’s Choice Award. From 1985 to 2005 she co-edited ¶: A Magazine of Paragraphs, a journal of short prose published by Oat City Press. She works in communications for a nonprofit in Providence, RI.