Toronto: The Unknown City

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Pub Date: 04/01/2004

Pages: 280

Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press

Imprint: Arsenal Pulp Press

ISBN 13: 9781551521466

ISBN 10: 1551521466

Price: $16.95

Category: TRAVEL / General

Toronto: The Unknown City

By Howard Akler, Sarah B. Hood

Price: $16.95



About the Book

Toronto, named by UNESCO as the world’s most multicultural city, attracts thousands of tourists annually to its fascinating neighborhoods and thriving cultural scene. But in its 250-year history, Toronto has also become a place of many intriguing secrets.

Toronto: The Unknown City delves into the lesser-known spaces and stories of Hogtown, offering tantalizing tidbits of local lore, offbeat facts and surprising anecdotes that will captivate visitors and locals alike. From sealed-off public spaces to lost railways, tales of true crime to behind-the-scenes movie gossip, this book is packed with revelations. There’s also a guide to one of the world’s most eclectic dining scenes, plus celebrity stories, sports snippets, a backstage tour of the theatre and music worlds, fabulous shopping tips and much more. Titillating and tempting, Toronto: The Unknown City lifts the veil off Canada’s largest metropolis, to reveal the mysteries, marvels and monstrosities that lie beneath.

Praise for The Unknown City series:

“As useful to locals as it is to tourists.”—Globe & Mail

“Part tourist reference, part compendium of lore . . . a witty, engrossing, innovative series of guidebooks.”—Georgia Straight

“The wonky spin on things local is not only useful but hugely entertaining.”—Gazette

Howard Akler is a lifelong resident of Toronto. He has written for Lola, the local art magazine, and is currently at work on a novel set during the city’s centenary.

Sarah B. Hood is the author of Practical Pedalling, has contributed to Toronto Life, NOW, eye, and is the editor of Performing Arts in Canada. In 1990, she received an honorable mention at the National Magazine Awards.

About the Book

The unspoken treasures and hidden skeletons of Canada's largest city.


Howard Akler is the author of The City Man, also published by Coach House Books, which was nominated for the Amazon First Novel Award, the City of Toronto Book Award and the Commonwealth Writers Prize. He lives in Toronto.