There Has to Be a Knife

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Pub Date: 10/08/2019

Pages: 224

Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press

Imprint: Arsenal Pulp Press

ISBN 13: 9781551527857

ISBN 10: 1551527855

Price: $15.95

Category: FICTION / Literary

There Has to Be a Knife

By Adnan Khan

Price: $15.95



About the Book

In this blistering debut novel, author Adnan Khan investigates themes of race, class, masculinity and contemporary relationships. Omar Ali, twenty-seven-year-old line cook and petty criminal, gets a phone call from his ex-girlfriend’s father at work, informing Omar that Anna has committed suicide. Unable to process or articulate his grief, and suffering from insomnia, Omar embarks on a quest to obtain her suicide note from her elusive parents. As he unravels, Omar finds himself getting involved in break-ins, online terrorism, dealing with the police, and losing his best friend as he becomes less recognizable.

There Has to Be a Knife examines expectations -- both intimate and political -- on brown men, exploring ideas of cultural identity and the tropes we use to represent them.

About the Book

A powerhouse debut novel about race, grief, and masculinity.


Adnan Khan has written for VICE, the Globe and Mail, and Hazlitt. He has been nominated for a National Magazine Award and in 2016 was awarded the RBC Charles Taylor Prize for emerging writers. There Has to Be a Knife is his first novel.


RBC Charles Taylor Prize for Emerging Writers