The Bear Woman

The Bear Woman

by Karolina Ramqvist

Translated by Saskia Vogel

Published by: Coach House Books

Imprint: Coach House Books

224 Pages, 5.00 x 8.00 x 0.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781552454312
  • Published: February 2022


Feminist autofiction from one of Sweden’s blazing talents.

“Ramqvist is a serious contender for the Swedish literary limelight.” —Shelf Awareness

Blending autofiction and essay, The Bear Woman is a journey of feminism and literary detective work spanning centuries and continents. In the 1540s, a young French noblewoman, Marguerite de la Rocque, was abandoned on an island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence with her maidservant and her lover. In present-day Stockholm, an author and mother becomes captivated by the image of Marguerite sheltered in a dark cave after her companions have died.

This image soon becomes an obsession. She must find out the real story of the woman she calls the Bear Woman. But so much in this history is written so as to gloss over male violence. And the maps and other sources she consults are at times undecipherable.

Karolina Ramqvist explores what it means to write history—and to live it.