Performance, Technology and Science

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Pub Date: 04/01/2008

Pages: 260

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

Imprint: PAJ Publications

ISBN 13: 9781555540791

ISBN 10: 1555540791

Price: $24.95 / $32.99 CAN


Performance, Technology and Science

By Johannes Birringer

Price: $24.95



About the Book

This groundbreaking work of scholarship explores convergences between performance and science through an investigation of new technologies that drive computer-mediated, interactive art. Wide-ranging and richly illustrated essays uncover shifts that have occurred globally in the aesthetic understanding of performance within computer-augmented virtual and networked environments.

About the Book

The author's writings are widely known in the United States and Europe.


Johannes Birringer is a choreographer and media artist. He directs the Center for Contemporary and Digital Performance at Brunel University, West London. He is author of "Theatre, Theory, Postmodernism;" "Media and Performance;" and "Performance on the Edge." He is co-editor of "Dance and Cognition."