Brief Thief

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Pub Date: 04/02/2013

Pages: 32

Trim: 9 x 12

Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books

Imprint: Enchanted Lion Books

ISBN 13: 9781592701315

ISBN 10: 1592701310

Price: / $22.99 CAN$16.95

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Humorous Stories

Brief Thief

By Michaël Escoffier, Kris Di Giacomo

Price: $16.95



About the Book

Witty, humorous illustrations of great charm tell this story of conscience and mistaken identity as thoroughly as the book's delightful text. Here a lizard takes the liberty of using what seem to be some old underpants when he runs out of toilet paper. What he doesn't count on is that his own conscience and an outraged rabbit will be watching.

About the Book

When he runs out of toilet paper, Leon must find something else to use. With that, his troubles begin.


Michael Escoffier was born in France in 1970. Raised by a family of triceratops, he discovered his passion for writing and telling stories at a young age. He lives in Lyon with his wife and two children.

Kris Di Giacomo is an American who has lived in France since childhood. She has illustrated over 25 books for French publishers, which have been translated into many languages. This is her eighth book from Enchanted Lion. The others are My Dad Is Big & Strong, BUT..., Brief Thief, Me First!, The Day I Lost My Super Powers, Take Away the A, Where's the Baboon?, enormous SMALLNESS, A life of E. E. Cummings.