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Pub Date: 08/23/2016

Pages: 48

Trim: 8 x 11

Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books

Imprint: Enchanted Lion Books

ISBN 13: 9781592701919

ISBN 10: 1592701914

Price: / $25.99 CAN$19.95

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Classics


By Alessandro Sanna

Price: $19.95



About the Book

Told as a story of cosmic beginnings, this version of Pinocchio is about the formative energy and magic that reside in the wood that becomes the boy. This version is also about life on the molecular level and what it means to think about our composition as human beings from the point of view of energy and cosmic matter.

Born in 1975, Alessandro Sanna is one of Italy's leading contemporary illustrators. He has earned wide recognition for his work, which has appeared in the New York Times Book Review and the New Yorker. He is a prolific and popular author and has received many awards. He lives and works in Mantua, Italy.

About the Book

Have you ever wondered where the Pinocchio story really begins? This is the untold origin story behind the beloved wooden boy.


Alessandro Sanna lives in Italy. He is a prolific, popular creator of illustrated books for children and readers of all ages. In 2016, he was shortlisted for the Hans Christian Anderson Award.