Snoozie, Sunny, and So-So

Snoozie, Sunny, and So-So

by Dafna Ben-Zvi

Illustrated by Ofra Amit

Translated by Annette Appel

Published by: Enchanted Lion Books

Imprint: Enchanted Lion Books

40 Pages, 6.38 x 9.19 in, Color illustrations throughout

  • Hardcover
  • 9781592702824
  • Published: December 2020


Snoozie is a cat, who doesn’t like moving. Sunny is a dog, who’s afraid of the rain. They’re very different, but they are the best of friends. One day, while out on their morning walk, they come upon a small, timid dog who has been feeling “so-so” for quite some time. How will this chance encounter change all their lives? Snoozie, Sunny, and So-So written by Dafna Ben-zvi, illustrated by Ofra Amit, and translated from Hebrew by Annette Appel, is a sweet and insightful story about friendship and the trust, hopefulness, and energy that it gives us all!