Life as a Mini Hero

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Pub Date: 08/27/2019

Pages: 56

Trim: 7 x 8

Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books

Imprint: Enchanted Lion Books

ISBN 13: 9781592702909

ISBN 10: 1592702902

Price: / $22.99 CAN$16.95

Category: Undefined Category

Life as a Mini Hero

By Olivier Tallec, Claudia Zoe Bedrick

Price: $16.95



About the Book

Clad in bright suits that bespeak their daring deeds, these mini heroes live their daily lives assailed by all sorts of difficulty and disaster. Whether jumping rope on the playground, eating towers of ice-cream, or hanging upside-down from the ceiling, they are never short of plans and prospects! Sometimes, it’s true, they have to pause, which may be the greatest challenge of all.

About the Book

Being a hero is hard! Check-out these mini heroes as they ride the emotional rollercoaster of life. You’ll see.


The work of Olivier Tallec has been described as "sensitive" "stunning," "breathtaking," and "beautiful." Tallec was born in Brittany, France, in 1970. After graduating from the École Supérieure d'Art Graphique in Paris, he worked in advertising as a graphic designer, after which he devoted himself to illustration. Since then he has illustrated more than sixty books, a dozen of which have been published by Enchanted Lion.