Book of Questions

Book of Questions

by Neruda Pablo

Illustrated by Valdivia Paloma

Translated by Paulson Lissa Sara

Published by: Enchanted Lion Books

Imprint: Enchanted Lion Books

80 Pages, 8.75 x 12.00 in, This book has 6 gatefolds

  • Hardcover
  • 9781592703227
  • Published: August 2021


This bilingual Spanish-English edition is the first illustrated selection of questions, 60 in all, from Pablo Neruda's original poem (316 questions) The Book of Questions. Holding the wonder and mystery of childhood and the experience and knowing that come with growing up, these questions are by turns lyrical, strange, surreal, spiritual, historical and political. They foreground the natural world, and their curiosity transcends all logic; and because they are paradoxes and riddles that embrace the limits of our ability to know, they engage with human freedom in the deepest way, removing the burden and constraint that somehow, we are meant to have answers to every question. Gorgeously, cosmically illustrated by Paloma Valdivia, here Neruda's questions, already visual in themselves, gain a double visuality that makes them even more palpable and resonant. So clearly rooted in Chilean landscapes as they are, the questions are revealed as a communion with nature and its mysteries.