Space Cadet Topo

Space Cadet Topo

The Day the Sun Turned Off


Published by: Immedium

36 pages, 9.50 x 10.00 in

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781597020220
  • Published: September 2010


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When the sun goes out, a brave astronaut must save the galaxy! Enjoy video game level excitement with cool characters on an action packed quest!

What would you do if the sun went out? The brave astronaut Topo leaves his space station to save the day! He must search the universe to discover how to relight the sun before everything freezes forever!

Now his mission is to travel to the farthest planet to retrieve the mythic Galactic Flame. If he succeeds, then he can return to set the sun ablaze. But what strange creatures lurk in his path? Accompany this inventive hero and his amusing robot friends as they have fun rescuing the galaxy.

Here science fiction combines with colorfully animated illustrations to convey the message that everyone can make a difference! The brave astronaut Topo (Spanish for “mole”) stars in this out of this world adventure, created by the talented design team DGPH. Collectors of limited edition vinyl toys and fans of anime, manga, and plush characters like the Uglydolls, will adore Topo and his cute crew.

Space Cadet Topo is “Star Trek” excitement that will entrance early elementary readers. Plus adults, who are kids at heart and enjoy pop culture art, will admire DGPH’s engaging style and boundless imagination. Teachers and librarians will like how this tale holds students’ attentions and inspires them to draw and create their own stories.

"What an engaging story, with crisp artwork, charming characters, and a noble hero! After reading this fanciful adventure, I hope young Space Cadets will be inspired to learn more about stars, outer space, and the amazing universe around them!"
- Bing F. Quock, Assistant Director, Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences