Into the Tempest

Pub Date: 02/05/2019

Publisher: Haymarket Books

Imprint: Haymarket Books

ISBN 13: 9781608469673

ISBN 10: 1608469670

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Into the Tempest

By William Robinson

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About the Book

In this critical new work, sociologist William I. Robinson offers an engaging and accessible introduction to his theory of global capitalism. He applies this theory to a wide range of contemporary topics, among them, globalization, the transnational capitalist class, immigrant justice, educational reform, labor and anti-racist struggles, policing, Trumpism, the resurgence of a neo-fascist right, and the rise of a global police state. Taken as a whole, these ten essays provide an urgently needed perspective for those who want to understand the backdrop to today’s headlines. Sure to spark debate, this is a timely contribution to a renewal of critical social science and Marxist theory for the new century. It is an indispensable tool for social justice advocates and scholars in these times of global crisis and transformation.