Blood in the Face (revised new edition)

Blood in the Face (revised new edition)

By James Ridgeway

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About the Book

A pipe bomb in Seattle . . . An armored car hijacking in California . . . The high-stepping stomp of slam-dancing skinheads in Dallas . . . and the bullet-ridden body of a talk show host in Denver.  These are the harbingers of a new American culture—a culture that is ""Tight, Right, and White."" Blood in the Face is the first book to expose the racist far-right movements whose participants range from armed underground extremists to mainstream lobbyists, and state legislators. It tells their story from the inside out, in interviews, photos, recruiting pamphlets, cartoons, rants, sermons, threats, police reports, and famous last words before the final shootouts.  James Ridgeway highlights the words and artifacts of the racist far right, and details the movements' volatile history and rapid expansion since the early eighties, making Blood in The Face the most comprehensive survey to date of a culture that is too powerful —and too much a part of American culture.