Speak and Read Japanese

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Pub Date: 10/17/2017

Pages: 128

Publisher: Stone Bridge Press

Imprint: Stone Bridge Press

ISBN 13: 9781611720402

ISBN 10: 1611720400

Price: $14.95 / $19.99 CAN


Speak and Read Japanese

By Larry Herzberg

Price: $14.95



About the Book

Modeled on the same winning format as his Speak and Read Chinese, teacher Larry Herzberg's latest book offers simple, fun, and imaginative ways to remember essential Japanese words and characters. Mastering basic vocabulary and kanji is one of the first challenges any Japanese learner faces. This book addresses this task head-on, complementing the content of all major Japanese textbooks and providing valuable tips to independent students. Includes three hundred essential words and kanji from the first two years of study, indexed for quick reference.

Larry Herzberg has founded two Asian language programs and taught Japanese at the university level for thirty years.

About the Book

A handy supplement for learning 300 of the most common Japanese words, works with any textbook!


Larry Herzberg studied Chinese for five years at Vanderbilt University before doing his Master's and Ph.D. work in Chinese Language and Literature at Indiana University. In 1980 he founded the Chinese Language Program at Albion College and then did the same at Calvin College in 1984. For the past three decades he has taught the Chinese language at the college level. He is author of Speak and Read Chinese and along with his wife, Qin Xue Herzberg, of China Survival Guide, Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar, Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings (all from Stone Bridge Press), and A Writing Guide for Learners of Chinese (Yale University Press).