Horse in the Mirror

Horse in the Mirror

by Jenny Hughes

Published by: Breakaway Books

128 pages, 7.50 x 5.50 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781621240129
  • Published: September 2014


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Book One in the Garland House Trilogy
Followed by Horse in the Portrait and Horse in the Diary

“Thrilling stories with plenty of horses plus a measure of mystery and suspense.”
—Horse and Pony Magazine

Ellie is the proud owner of Aslan, surely the cleverest horse in the world. The two are on vacation with best friend Tara and her pony Podge, when they meet Jonah and Ricky Barton. The brothers live with their parents at Garland House, an old mansion in the country with a mysterious past.
Riding horses with the brothers on their fantastic cross-country course and galloping through fields is more than Ellie could have hoped for. Soon, though, there are more serious things to worry about. The sudden reappearance of a man claiming to be the heir of Garland House's recently deceased owner, the eccentric old man Silas, puts Jonah and his family’s future in jeopardy. Will they have to leave Garland House and abandon their dreams? Not if Ellie and Jonah can help it! The discovery of a secret passage plays a vital role in unraveling a secret, as does Ellie’s extraordinary relationship with Aslan.