To Love the Coming End

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Pub Date: 04/18/2017

Pages: 108

Publisher: Chin Music Press Inc.

Imprint: Chin Music Press Inc.

ISBN 13: 9781634059657

ISBN 10: 1634059654

Price: $13.95 / $18.99 CAN


To Love the Coming End

By Leanne Dunic

Price: $13.95



About the Book

In this teeming lyrical novel, love is remembered as a jungle of flora and fauna cleaved by tectonic shock and human fault. Our restless narrator stirs between Singapore, Japan, and British Columbia with prose that engulfs like radioactive mist. Personal, geographic, political, and cultural environments take on one another’s qualities, culminating in the Tohoku earthquake that shatters Japan.

Leanne Dunic is a multidisciplinary artist and the singer/guitarist for The Deep Cove.

About the Book

A novel in 94 micro-chapters whose poetic prose tosses between contemporary Singapore and post-Tohoku Japan, collapsing intimate and seismic desolation.


Leanne Dunic is a multidisciplinary artist and is the singer/guitarist for the band The Deep Cove.