An Invitation from a Crab

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Pub Date: 12/18/2018

Pages: 224

Publisher: DENPA LLC


ISBN 13: 9781634429207

ISBN 10: 1634429206

Price: / $18.95 CAN$12.95

Category: Undefined Category

An Invitation from a Crab

By panpanya

Price: $12.95



About the Book

Collecting a handful of self-published shorts along with a mix of serialized stories and essays, panpanya's English-language debut mixes art styles and narratives from a range of genres.

If you are ever fortunate enough to see a crab strolling through your neighborhood, please follow its lead. By slowing down to a crab's pace and looking around and about in this world, you too may discover life's many mysteries that are hidden in plain sight.

About the Book

A collection of surreal short slice of life short stories set in and around modern day Tokyo.