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Pub Date: 12/18/2018

Pages: 272

Trim: 9 x 12

Publisher: DENPA LLC


ISBN 13: 9781634429221

ISBN 10: 1634429222

Price: / $86.95 CAN$59.95

Category: ART / Individual Artists / Artists' Books


By Range Murata

Price: $59.95



About the Book

“Stunning, dark, exhilarating and disturbing, Murata's collection of contemporary Japanese comic art gives an inside view of the explosive work happening there today.” —Publishers Weekly

This full-color collection compiles more than twenty years of comics, cover art, promotional art and character designs from legendary Japanese artist Range Murata. The oversized release contains dozen gate-fold posters, and several comics from the ROBOT anthology along with renditions of each of his magazine covers. This is the most definitive collection of Murata's work so far.

Range Murata is best known as a character designer for Last Exile and Blue Submarine no. 6.

About the Book

An art book that collects twenty years of character designs and comics from one of Japan's most recognized cartoonists.