Gliding Flight

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Pub Date: 03/05/2019

Pages: 448

Trim: 9 x 5

Publisher: World Editions

Imprint: World Editions

ISBN 13: 9781642860085

ISBN 10: 1642860085

Price: $17.99 / $25.95 CAN

Category: FICTION / Coming of Age

Gliding Flight

By Anne-Gine Goemans, Nancy Forest-Flier

Price: $17.99



About the Book

Inventive, dreamy Gieles lives with his father and a flock of geese on a plane-spotters’ campsite next to an airstrip. The surrounding landscape reclaimed from the sea, is as isolated as Gieles himself. The fourteen-year-old boy is longing for the mysterious dreadlocked girl he’s met online, and for the affection of his absent mother, off on hapless missions to save the world. The boy conceives a desperate, dangerous plan to attract his mother’s attention. He’ll be a hero. Just like Captain Sully, who bravely landed on the Hudson after geese flew into his engines.

Goemans’s charmingly upbeat novel describes the fantasy-driven world of a teenage boy. At the same time, it tells the incredible story about how the Dutch turned water into land.

About the Book

A whimsical, fresh and adventurous coming-of-age story­―set against a backdrop of Dutch ingenuity.


Anne-Gine Goemans worked for Volkskrant Magazine as a journalist. Gliding Flight was awarded the Dioraphte Literary Prize and the German M Pionier Award for new literary talent (previously awarded to Herman Koch). Gliding Flight was longlisted for the prestigious Libris Literature Prize.