Even When Fall Is Here

Even When Fall Is Here

by Ruth Estévez

By (artist) Erick Meyenberg

Contributions by Eloisa Haudenschild

Published by: DoppelHouse Press

150 Pages, 7.50 x 10.20 in, Color illustrations throughout with 6 pages of ancillary color inserts

  • Paperback
  • 9781733957915
  • Published: April 2020


An intertextual, fictionalized narrative weaves together several years of Mexican artist Erick Meyenberg’s observations, research, video recordings, and paintings based on logbooks kept by gardener Chris Shea. Meyenberg’s conversations with Shea about his ephemeral landscape infer the change and loss inherent in human life and propels the deep emotional intelligence of this bilingual book as it reflects on time, creation, and the inspiration of the natural world. Shea’s remarkable, nuanced, and delicate language for color is reflected in Meyenberg’s layered appreciation for the garden Shea tended until the end of his life. Eloisa Haudenschild, Director of inSite, commissioned Meyenberg’s project with Shea for haudenschildGarage in La Jolla, California, and enlisted curator Ruth Estévez, the text’s author.
For more information about the project see the haudenschildGarage website or DoppelHouse.com. Note: This book has two parts, one in English, one in Spanish.