Mistatim / Instant

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Pub Date: 04/16/2019

Pages: 128

Trim: 5 x 8

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press

ISBN 13: 9781770919297

ISBN 10: 1770919295

Price: $18.95 / $24.99 CAN

Mistatim / Instant

By Erin Shields

Price: $18.95



About the Book

In Mistatim, which is based on a concept from Sandra Laronde of Red Sky Performance, two eleven-year-olds strike up an unlikely friendship at the fence between one’s reservation and the other’s ranch. On Speck’s side, she’s carved names of family members into the wooden posts as she tries to piece together her identity. On Calvin’s, he’s trying to train a horse in order to prove himself to his father. Speck realizes she can communicate with horses, and with this gift, the pair work to liberate Calvin’s horse, and in the process learn about one another’s cultures.

In Instant, three teens find out how far they’ll go in their quest to be seen and heard. Meredith is a singer-songwriter who makes YouTube videos of covers in an attempt to gain Internet fame. But her friend Jay, a rising hockey star, can’t understand why she won’t post her original songs. When their classmate Rosie suddenly goes viral after a video is posted of her singing to raise money for her father’s medical bills, Meredith’s jealousy takes over, and pushes Rosie too far, triggering a near-deadly response.

About the Book

In these two plays for young audiences, award-winning playwright Erin Shields presents the challenges of communication and friendship.


Erin Shields is a Montréal-based playwright and actor. She won the 2011 Governor General’s Award Literary Award for Drama for her play If We Were Birds, which has been widely produced and translated into French, German, Italian, and Albanian. Erin’s version of Henrik Ibsen’s The Lady from the Sea was part of the Shaw Festival’s 2015 season. Erin is Co-Artistic Director of the independent theatre company Groundwater Productions.