Frankie Styne & the Silver Man

Frankie Styne & the Silver Man

by Kathy Page

Published by: Biblioasis

250 pages, 5.50 x 8.50 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781771960380
  • Published: February 2016


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When Liz Meredith and her new baby move into the middle row-house on Onley Street—Liza having lived for years off-grid in an old railcar—there's more to get used to than electricity and proper plumbing. She's desperate to avoid her well-meaning social worker and her neighbours Alice and Tom, who, for reasons of their own, won't leave her alone. And then there is her other neighbour, the disfigured and reclusive John Green, better known to the world as Frankie Styne, the author of a series of violent bestsellers. When his latest novel is unexpectedly nominated for a literary prize and his private life is exposed in the glare of publicity, Frankie plots a gruesome, twisted revenge that threatens others who call Onley Street home. Frankie Styne and the Silver Man is unforgettable: a thrilling novel of literary revenge, celebrity culture and the power of love and beauty in an ugly world.