Growing Children, Thriving Children

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Pub Date: 08/06/2019

Pages: 264

Publisher: Floris Books

Imprint: Floris Books

ISBN 13: 9781782505662

ISBN 10: 1782505660

Price: $19.95

Category: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Life Stages / School Age

Growing Children, Thriving Children

By Lou Harvey-Zahra

Price: $19.95



About the Book

No longer little children, but not yet teenagers, children in the elementary-school years (between seven and twelve) face big emotional, social, psychological and physical changes. How can parents best support their children whilst also embracing their growing independence?

Inspired by the Waldorf approach to child development, experienced teacher, parenting coach and author Lou Harvey-Zahra explains the three major transitions, or 'rubicons', of middle childhood at ages seven, nine and twelve. She offers practical tips and guidance to help parents through the challenges of the middle years, including:

  • Creative solutions for common discipline issues
  • Helpful routines for busy households and fun suggestions to strengthen family bonds
  • Suggested responses to tricky childhood questions
  • Sensitive advice to help children manage anger and anxiety
  • Thoughtful discussion of common parenting challenges and dilemmas
  • Growing Children, Thriving Children empowers parents to navigate the middle years with confidence.

    About the Book

    An inspiring holistic parenting guide for the elementary school years (7 to 12 year olds).


    Lou Harvey-Zahra grew up and did her teacher training in England. She now lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she has taught in a number of different kindergarten, primary, special needs and Steiner-Waldorf school settings. She runs conscious parenting workshops and is the author of Happy Child, Happy Home; Creative Discipline, Connected Family; and Through the Rainbow: A Waldorf Birthday Story for Children.