Approaching Death

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Pub Date: 11/26/2019

Pages: 160

Publisher: Floris Books

Imprint: Floris Books

ISBN 13: 9781782506034

ISBN 10: 1782506039

Price: $22.95

Category: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Death, Grief, Bereavement

Approaching Death

By Renée Zeylmans, Philip Mees, Bastiaan Baan

Price: $22.95



About the Book

Just as no person is the same as another, each death is individual. This special book does not promote methodolgies or theories, but rather offers insights, information and contemplations on the end of life. It supports the companions of those on their dying journey, whether volunteers, medical professionals, pastors or loved ones.

Renée Zeylmans taught courses on accompanying the dying and bereavement for many years. She describes the journey towards death as a reciprocal process, asking not only how do we travel with those who are dying and what can we give them, but what do they give us? This book is the fruit of a lifetime's work, and her intention is for it to enrich the reader, throw a new light on difficult situations, evoke recognition, console and offer choices.

As well as a host of practical information about dying and death -- including questions around the physiology of death, fear, fasting, funerals, music, language, and human senses -- the book contains contemplations and meditations from different world views and cultures.

About the Book

A practical and sensitive book, offering enlightening contemplations on the end of life.


Renée Zeylmans (1936-2018) was a psychologist and therapist working in the fields of relationship counselling, biography, and grief counselling. In 1974, her husband of only a few years died, leaving her with three young children. She then dedicated her professional life to helping those dealing with death and grieving. She taught and lectured widely on the subject.